Thursday, November 15

Sun in Seattle?!

Steve and I spent the weekend with some dear friends in Seattle. Saw the Space Needle for the first time...Go figure! And get this...It was sunny and least for a little while in the morning. It rained the rest of the time, but even that was fabulous for falling asleep to.
A couple of helpful tidbits in case you're headed to Seattle:
*Riding up the Space Needle is expensive and so is lunch at the top (Mac and Cheese on the kids menu was $12.95...yikes!) But you can ride the little Ferris wheel or bumper cars for like $2. That made the kids happy.
*A Parking Ticket for parking in the McD's lot right next to the Needle is $25, but the normal rate if you actually pay for the parking is $10 and the ticket cost less than the ride up the Needle would have cost. (LOL!)
*Seattle is about 6.5 hours from Bend. That's without stops and crazy rainstorms like we got. It took us 8.5...still a lovely drive though.

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