Thursday, November 15

What is a Blog?!

What is a Blog and Why do you have one?!
Lots of people are still asking this question, and we don't mind explaining.
This is a blog.
Blog is the shortened name for what is called a Weblog, which is really not much more than an online journal type thing. We've made our blogs in Blogger because it's really easy to use, but there are other free online companies doing the same thing and they're pretty cool too.
Now that's the real question isn't it? We want our clients to know we value them as friends as well as clients. This is a way for you to get to know us a little better. When we learn about fantastic new destinations or specials, we can talk about them here. We'll also talk about our adventures and families just for the fun of it...and I (jennie) will give little tech tips like this from time to time, I believe our clients can truly benefit from a lot of the stuff that's out there.
We're hoping you'll talk back!:
The beauty of a blog is that you can visit as often as you like and we'll always be up to something new (and hopefully interesting). Just check in on us, or better yet, leave comments and questions for us. The ideal blog is a place of interaction between folks like us. Go ahead and give it a try. Just click the comment button below and leave us a note. We'll even respond if you like! So... what do you think? Do you like our blog?
There's just so many things you can do.
Get your own blog here if you like. It's super easy! Be sure to let us know when you do. We'd love to see it.
Leave a comment from here or click the button at the bottom too.
You can Send us an email or sign up for our email newsletter in the sidebar.
When we write something particularly interesting you can
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It's just cool. Let us hear from you. Happy Blogging!

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