Thursday, November 29

How to get a Passport

You just never know when you might need to hop a plane to Paris for the weekend! Always have a passport in your top drawer!
There are a few different ways to get your passport depending on your time constraints.
Things you'll need:
1. State Certified Birth Certificate - don't have one? - click here
2. Valid Driver's License
3. Passport Photo - You will need a qualified passport photo. Costco is an easy place to get this done.
4. Passport Form - If you fill this out ahead of time everything will be ready to go. Do not sign the application yet.
5. Money - basic fee is just under $100. You can expedite the process for addtional fees. The Passport Form above has all the details.

In Bend: Take all this stuff to Main Post Office on 4th St., or County Clerk's Office at Deschutes County at 1300 NW Wall St, Ste 200. They say this will generally take 3-6 weeks but be sure to ask them when you apply.

Online: If you want you can do all this online, but it costs more. Here's a link to Passport 123

I'm desperate to get my Passport NOW!
If you are traveling in less than 14 days and you are desperate to get you Passport now, there is a way. The Seattle Passport Agency takes appointments and you can get your Passport the same day usually. Call for an appointment at 877-487-2778. It's a drive up there but if you're desperate, you're desperate!!

You can read all the information you could possibly want about Passports on the Government Travel Page

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