Tuesday, December 11

Belknap Hot Springs

For 11 years our family has spent a weekend at Belknap Hot Springs just before Christmas. We've grown to the point that we take up the whole lodge and all the cabins for the weekend. It's an amazing time with family and friends we wouldn't otherwise see. Belknap is the perfect spot for it, because we come from all directions...Bend, Medford, Portland, Eugene, etc. They always decorate it beautifully for the holidays, and we feel like it's home when we're there. The pool is fantastic for kiddos and adults alike, because it's like a giant hot tub.
Belknap did a huge remodel and added a bunch of rooms to the lodge a number of years ago. They also added a fantastic "secret garden" across the river that is always fun to take a little walk to. We really love it there...
It's getting a little run down though. The remodels are great...the pool looks to have been resurfaced this year, but sometimes the rooms are starting to feel a little grungy. It's definitely a nice little getaway, though not 5 star by any means.
You can read more about our little family gathering on Jen's blog...

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