Wednesday, May 14

Disneyland...Should we Fly or Drive?

One of the advantages of being on the west coast is that driving to Disneyland is sometimes a viable option. Our family did the comparison the other day just to see if it might be worthwhile. Thought you might be interested in seeing our numbers!

There are 4 of us. We drive a Ford Explorer that gets about 19 mpg and we would go sometime in June after the kids get out of school. These are approximate numbers, of course.

The Drive:
Length of trip: 14 hours (843m each way)
Gas one way: about $115 (and rising...)
Extra meal stops on trip: about $55
A night at travel hotel each way: $89
Total Travel: $518

To Fly:
Length of trip: 4 or less hours (each way)
Airfare 2 adults (RDM to LAX): $766 ($383 each)
Airfare Kids: Free (until Sept if we book by 5/30/08)
Airport snacks: $35 (each way)
Total Travel: $836

For us it makes sense to spend the extra $318 and save the time, not to mention the car, the sanity and the extra day of vacation time so we can use it at Christmas! We did notice that the airfare prices went up by $40-$50 in July and August though.
But...if you drive straight through with no hotel stay and take grandma and grandpa in the same car...driving starts to make lot more sense. A California roadtrip...You could end up with some great stories to tell!

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