Tuesday, May 6

The Village Grill

We found a great family-friendly pub on our lunch adventures yesterday and thought we'd pass along a recommendation to our readers. It was the Village Grill on Bond Street (right across from the Brewery).

It's just a little pub style grill, and I'm sure it's really hoppin' on weekend evenings, but the lunch hour was quiet and relaxed. The prices seemed a smidge steep, (a yummy Ahi sandwhich was $10 and a chicken wrap was $8.50, but coffee was only $1.50...that's worth mentioning), but this is Bend after all, and the food was good.

The thing that I'm most excited about are the little flat screen TV's in each booth. My boys (who are 8 and 10) will think that is SO cool! We're always looking for place with good food to watch the NCAA games during March Madness, and this place has really yummy, crispy seasoned fries in huge portions. That sounds just perfect! Can't wait until next March! :-)

...oh, and while I was looking for a link to the grill to post here, I found this blog site of local restaurant reviews. I think I'll bookmark it and come back next time I want to try a new Bend restaurant. It's always nice to have a little outside input before I go spend the kind of money some of these places require! :-)

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