Thursday, May 1

Show me your photos!

I love it when the worlds of "Tech" and Travel mix. One of my favorite things to do is browse on Flickr. (I have to watch can be addictive). What's so cool is that in every amazing place that I dream of one day seeing...there is a photographer who lives and strolls and snaps photos. So like, where you and I walk around town taking random beautiful pictures of drake park...

fever dream
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someone in Italy walks around on a sunny tuesday and takes pictures of ancient Roman ruins...
Roman City, Vaison-la-Romaine / Roman Ruins, Dougga
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...or someone strolls around the local lake admiring the reflections in what just happens to be Hallstatt, Austria!
morning Hallstatt
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I just think that's the coolest thing. (click on those photos'll see what i mean.)

But more than being just plain cool, Flickr is also a great way for you to share your vacation photos with your friends and family across the country (world?).
Just go to and set up a user id and an account. It's totally FREE. The process for getting photos from your computer onto Flickr is super fast and easy! Then you just copy the url from your photo page (that's that line of information that shows up at the top of your webpage and tells you where in the heck you're at on the starts with "http://") and email it to your friends and they come and look...and make comments...and wish they could have gone with you and so you all decide to go somewhere exotic together next year and you call us and we take care of the details and then when you post the pictures next year...they're in them! woo hoo!
See how cool technology is!
Happy Flickring!

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