Tuesday, April 6

Anniversary Get-a-Way!!!!

     The end of March found us wanting to get out of town to celebrate our Anniversary but not wanting to go a long distance.  So we decided to go to The Dalles and stay at The Dalles Inn - which is a way cool older hotel in the historic district of the downtown area.  We love finding out the history of areas and especially when they are older than 100 yrs so it was a no-brainer place for us to go.  And was it ever great.  First let me tell you The Dalles Inn is a very nice historical property that includes free internet access with their reservations along with a spectacular complimentary breakfast every morning - it includes freshly made waffles along with fresh fruit, yogurt, hard boiled eggs, breads, rolls, cold cereal, hot cereal, beverages.  The nice thing about the breakfast area is it is in a room that use to house a restaurant in the hotel so the seating is very nice and the room has early morning sunshine.  The hotel is centrally located so you can walk to the downtown area and take a walking tour of the historical buildings in the area. 
    One of the reasons we wanted to go to this area is to visit the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center.  We spent almost an entire day in the Center and read up on all the history of The Dalles - and Oregon.  It was fabulous.
     So if you're looking for someplace to go close to home, and especially if you are a history buff and don't want to spend a lot - I would recommend The Dalles.  Stay in the heart of the Columbia River Gorge, explore the historial downtown district, visit The Intrepretive Center, dine at wonderful restaurants, visit the local winery, and explore the Columbia River Gorge with it's many outdoor activities.  It's also close enough to Portland that you can take a day and go shopping if you like, or go experience Hood River for a day.  Or, do what we did and just enjoy and explore the area at a leisurely pace and have fun!!!!!

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